LOOPERCENTRAL allows you to centralize up to 8x Ableton Loopers into the same window to monitor and control them ! Perfect for live performing and audio manipulation.

Version 2.1 includes Loopers placed on Return Tracks !
Version 2.0 includes now a Replace function !

Please watch the version 1.0 video for general options :

Included files :
- szk.LOOPERCENTRAL_v1_0.amxd
- szk.LOOPERCENTRAL_v2_0_mouse.amxd
- szk.LOOPERCENTRAL_v2_0_midimap.amxd
- szk.LOOPERCENTRAL_v2_1_mouse.amxd
- szk.LOOPERCENTRAL_v2_1_midimap.amxd

Documentation is available within the device.
Compatibility :
Live 9+
Max 6+

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Please visit http://m4l.szk.fr
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