Details about the solstice transmission

We are delighted to announce that the last energy transmission of 2017 will be held on 21 December at 3:33 PM UK time in order to be live the exact time of the solstice which is at 16:28.

this transmission will be a celebration and witnessing of the light codes that will be pouring into the Earth on this day and as such we are calling fourth mother Gaia’s front line ascension crew to step forward to be the anchors and conduits for this extremely important soul gathering. All the work that we have done has been preparing us for this highly auspicious moment.

We are being asked to witness and observe this light bombardment which is deeply connected to the full anchoring and stabilising of the Christ consciousness grid.

We are being called to bear witness to this phenomenon in our sun but also in our higher self which will then send forth these light codes into our human physical vessels.

The results of taking part in this transmission are way beyond the English language to convey suffice to say all that we have mentioned in this article will be given full permission to be entirely activated in your own personal energy field.

There are more aspects to the solstice transmission which will be revealed in due course and we ask you with all of our hearts to please share this sacred written transmission far and wide.

The cost to take part is £22… there is a bursary fund in place for all those who would like to take part but genuinely do not have the funds to pay… please email me at [email protected]

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