H4 | LR preset

H4 | LR preset

First of all

Hi everyone ! So I finally came up with the site that allows me to share lightroom preset to you all. My thought at the begining was to give out with no payment required. However, this online store need a monthly payment as maintenance at around USD 9 dollars. So ...... if you find my preset useful, feel free to pay at any amount you like !

However, I have only prepared the funding to keep it working for about six months, so if the income couldn't match the ballance by that time, i would probably close down the site. Meanwhile I will keep posting new presets !


These photo were originally taken by Canon 6D in RAW. Noted that additional adjustment on warmth and tone is always neccesarry to get the best effect of the presets.

這些照片是用Canon 6D 以RAW檔方式拍攝的。套用調控檔後記得微調色溫(藍-黃)以及色調(洋紅-綠),以得到最佳的效果。

H4 preset


If you have any question, click the contact button above, I will reply as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy the preset !
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