Linde Forklift Trucks 335-03 series E16C-03, E16P-03, E20P-03 Original Instuctions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Forklift Trucks 335-03 series with electric motor.

Covered Models:

Format: PDF, 150 pages
Language: English

1 Introduction
Technical description
Forklift truck handover
Description of use and climatic conditions
EC declaration of conformity
2 Safety
Safety guidelines
Qualified person
Residual risks
Manuallytilting the mast and lowering the fork
Do not use cables to open the overhead guard by force
Emergency exit with attached rear window
3 Overview of the forklift truck
Identification plate
Overview of the forklift truck
Operating devices
Display unit
4 Operation
Pre-use daily checks and maintenance
Pre-shift checks
Opening the overhead guard
Checking the battery level
Battery change
Pre-use daily checks and maintenance
Adjusting the driver's seat
Pre-use daily checks and maintenance
Single-pedal operation (optional)
Steering system
Brake system
Operating the lift mast and attachments using the centralised control lever (joystick)
Single lever operation of the lift mast and attachments
Working spotlights*, windscreen wipers*, headlights*,direction indicator lights*
Horn, electrical system cover
Before loading
Tow coupling
Carrying and lifting the forklift truck
Wheel change
Towing regulations
5 Maintenance
Working on the lift mast or front section of the fork lift truck
Inspection and maintenance parameters
Recommended lubricants
50 hour maintenance plan
1 000 hour maintenance plan
3000 hour maintenance plan
Reduction gearbox
Checking the wheel gear oil level
Checking whether the speed reduction gearbox is leaking
Cleaning both sides of the traction motor, the power steering and working hydraulic
pump motor
Replacing the gear oil in the speed reduction gearbox
Frame and installation
Checking the counterweight, motors, chassis, speed reduction gearbox, overhead guard and steering axle fastenings
Lubricating the overhead guard pin shaft
Checking and lubricating other pins and swivel points
Checking the status of the anti-static belts* (only for trucks fitted with super clean tyres)
Chassis frame
Check the brake system
Tighten the wheel nuts
Cleaning/lubricating the steering axle
Replacing the brake fluid
Operating devices
Checking the joystick pad
Checking and lubricating the pedal mechanisms, control linkage mechanisms and the overhead guard locking devices
Electrical system
Checking the status and tightness of the electrical cables, electrical connections and plug connectors
(As required) Clean the power modules of the traction and lift controls, the fans and the radiator housing with compressed air
Cleaning the digital control cables
Inspect the contactor contacts, and replace if necessary
Hydraulic system
Check the hydraulic oil level
Checking the leak resistance of the working and steering hydraulic systems
Replacing the air, pressure and suction filters
Replacing the hydraulic oil (if it is Bio hydraulic oil, the Aral Forbex SE46 is 6000oper ating hours)
Load lift system
Checking the condition, tightness and function of the lift mast, lift chains and stop block
Adjusting the length of the lift chains, and lubricating using chain spray
Checking the truck's releasing and locking equipment
6 Technical data
Technical data- 1-6C Forklift truck
Technical data- 16P Forklift truck
Technical data -2.0P Forklifttruck
Lift mast data
7 Circuit diagrams
Electrical circuit diagram
Circuit diagrams
Circuit diagrams
Circuit diagrams
Hydraulic oil diagram
Working and steering hydraulic system circuit diagrams
Working and steering hydraulic system circuit diagrams
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