Capella BUS-FP4124 Assessment Assignment 3.DOC

Capella BUS-FP4124 Assessment Assignment 3

When GlaxoSmithKline launched Requip for restless legs syndrome (RLS), few consumers had heard of RLS, and some physicians were skeptical that a problem even existed (Whalen, 2006, para 1). Despite these problems, the drug is now very successful.

Should the marketing of a health care product that is not immediately recognized as responding to a health care need have more government oversight and control or be left to allow market forces to decide its value?

Write a 1–3-page assessment that includes the following:

·         Explain the negative impact a drug can have on consumers in its early stages of launch into the marketplace.

·         Evaluate marketing strategies of a health care product.

·         Explain competitive analytical strategies utilized in the marketing of a pharmaceutical product.

·         Explain how government oversight and control can impact the marketing of a pharmaceutical product.

Additional Requirements
·         Include a title page and a references page.

·         Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.

·         Include a minimum of three research resources.

·         Follow APA guidelines for style and formatting.

·         Ensure your finished assessment is 1–3 pages in length, excluding the title page and references page.

Whalen, J. (2006, October 26). How Glaxo marketed a malady to sell a drug; TV-ad blitz, physician onslaught are unleashed to inform about the little-known disorder. The Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition), B.2. Retrieved from

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