ECO 372 Week 3 Fiscal Policy Paper

ECO 372 Entire Course
ECO 372 Week 3 Fiscal
Policy Paper

either a public or private [no quasi public or private entities]
organization such as a US Federal Agency (e.g. Dept. of Education) or a
Fortune 1000 Company and,

an APA conforming 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you include the

Research federal government spending and taxes over the last 3 years
(fiscal policy). Has total government spending increased or decreased?
Explain. Have income tax rates increased or decreased? Explain.

• Describe the impact of these fiscal policies on the U.S. economy
in terms of the generalized business cycle terminology. Where are
we currently in the business cycle?

Describe the impact of these fiscal policies on your team's
selected organization. Provide specific data to justify your description

• Have other macroeconomic events impacted the economy and/or your
selected organization? If so, explain.

• What are expectations regarding the strength of the economy in the next
2 years, again in terms of the business cycle? [Use the data sites from
your Week 2 PPT]

• Make recommendations for your organization regarding how to adjust their
operation and/or product/service line in the expected economy.

Include a minimum of 3 peer reviewed sources not including
your textbook. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your

SupportingMaterial:Fiscal Policy Grading GuideSuggested
Resources: Forecast DataSuggested Resources: Historical Data
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