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New Deliverables

New Deliverables This week you will be discussing new technologies and maintenance plans. Complete Sections 10 and 11 and update the table of contents and ensure that all formatting is done correctly. The final report will result in a minimum of 5–7 pages with references. Section 10: Supporting Newer Technologies At a minimum, address the following questions: How will this new infrastructure support the newer technologies as listed in the goals? What long-term issues can these technologies bring to the infrastructure?
Would you consider these to be major or minor issues overall? Section 11: Maintenance of the New Solution At a minimum, address the following questions: What type of maintenance plan needs to put into place to support the new infrastructure? What elements are necessary for support? How often are upgrades needed? What unforeseen circumstances need to be considered when planning for long-term maintenance on an infrastructure such as this? PowerPoint Presentation Create a PowerPoint Presentation of 5–7 slides
(not including the title or references slides) highlighting the important points of this report. Include the following: Title slide References slide Detailed speaker notes on each slide Format the slides in a professional manner using features from PowerPoint
such as animations, transitions, template, and clip art.                                                                                           

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