Gut Punch Extreme Movie Vol.1 |May 8th/2013|

|May 8th/2013| Don't miss this exclusive to my you tube viewers, this is the video you have all been waiting for. Get ready for a hardcore experience, as I take on 1 vs 1 full strength, and even 2 vs 1 full power punches. All shirtless, a true test of my abs. This Video Contains The Following: 1. Man against the wall gut punching 1 vs 1 2. Man against the wall gut punching 2 vs 1 3. Gut punching trade off 1-4 punches combo x2 4. Free standing gut punching. 5. Flexing and shirtless guys. 6. Thrilling action as I am pushed to the limits. Take care, and good luck! Video Recorded in: HD 1080p Length: 15:00 View the HD Trailer here: Copy Right STizreth INC NOTE: This video contains adult-oriented subject matter and is intended to be viewed by persons 21 years of age or older.
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