HW1 Terminology 25 points

HW1 Terminology 25 points The answer is just two columns. The first column is the numbers 1 through 26, the second column is the answer letter. Use each letter only once. Find the best fit. from the set {a-z}. Match the letter list with the number list. a abstraction n VLSI b bit o instruction set architecture c MSB p instruction d ALU q processor e cache r operating system f CPU s Memory g nand t implementation h datapath u integrated circuit i compiler v transistor j computer family w supercomputer k control x semiconductor l die y DRAM m defect z yield 1 central processing unit 2 very large scale integration 3 another name for a computer 4 flaw (as in a wafer) 5 an amplifier (solid state device) 6 a wafer is cut up into many 7 a place for instructions and data 8 digital logic gate 9 dynamic random access memory 10 a device made by putting impurities into silicon 11 high level description of the important information 12 percent of chips that are good 13 most significant bit, often the sign bit 14 memory on the CPU holding recent instructions and data 15 binary digit 16 ISA 17 OS 18 the basic unit of a computer program 19 large group of processors used as one computer 20 arithmetic logic unit 21 the paths where data flows 22 circuits that direct the flow in datapaths 23 converts statements to computer instructions 24 upward compatible computers 25 the result of building a design 26 IC
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