Radically Simple Accounting eBook

Radically Simple Accounting introduces a new way of learning accounting.

This system works for all software, all types of businesses, and a "business of one".

If, in the past, you've found that the subject of accounting was boring, tedious, incomprehensible, frustrating, or perplexing, then there is hope for you.

This new and different primer simplifies the most seemingly complex principals. You'll be guided in setting up your chart of account, or customizing the one you have in place. This is the secret to learning accounting from the point of view of a normal business person. Once your chart of accounts is well-designed, you'll easily understand your Profit & Loss Report, and Balance Sheet---your scorecards in the game of business.

Want to play to win? Whether you do the bookkeeping yourself, or manage a bookkeeper, you'll know if you are winning, or losing. You'll learn how to take care of your expenses, and control the bottom line. You'll become organized, legal, and profitable.

Want to bring in some team players, like financial advisors, banks, other lenders, and/or investors? Learn to speak the language of business. Level the playing field with GAAP financial reports. Provide data-driven analysis of your business's scalability.

Toss out those antiquated methods of learning accounting. Jump into the first "user-friendly" accounting software textbook. With humor and grace you'll be coached to victory.

The sooner you take action, the sooner you will see results.

QuickBooks tips and tricks included in sidebars. 
Formats available: Print, eBook, Audiobook, Kindle, and iPub.