AQA GCSE Geography (9-1) - Practice Exam Paper and Mark Scheme - Urban Issues and Challenges

Prepare your students effectively for the AQA GCSE Geography examinations in 2018 with this practice exam paper and mark scheme for the Urban Issues and Challenges topic.

Ideal for:
• End of topic revision
• Practice of writing examination answers
• Mock exams

The Urban Issues and Challenges exam paper has been meticulously designed to mimic the format of the final AQA GCSE Geography examinations. The questions are laid out in the same style as the real examination to give your students an authentic exam experience (please note: this resource has not been officially endorsed by AQA).

Careful consideration has been given to different command words in this assessment. This assessment contains the following command words:
• Multiple choice questions (3 questions)
• Identify
• Outline
• Complete
• Define
• Suggest (2 questions)
• Explain
• Discuss
• To what extent

The assessment allows students to test themselves at the end of the topic in timed exam conditions, and become more familiar with the types of questions asked in the examinations. The exam paper also helps you to identify topics and skills where your students could benefit from further learning or revision.

A detailed mark scheme is included to provide further guidance, which could be printed off for your students or used in your department to ensure consistency in marking.

A high-quality resource from a current Head of Department and GCSE examiner
This end of unit test and mark scheme has been piloted, fine-tuned, and then fully implemented across three different schools, resulting in a high-quality resource that can be used 'as is' or tailored to your needs.
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