Brad Gardner Eng215 Week 10 Hang up final

Hang Up: It's Not Just Your Life
Although it appears to be a common sense notion, the differences in laws and regulations regarding the use of mobile devices while driving are not the same from state to state. No one person is a better-distracted driver than the next. Mobile device policies, regulations, and laws should not be any different from federal seat belt laws; make them consistent, not subjective.

Everyday people can make a change; make better choices, to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. People can make a simple decision to hang up our cell phone before getting into our car and driving. People can choose not to accidently run over a young child walking across the street on their way to school due to the distraction of a cell phone. It sounds simple enough to do; yet, every second, someone decides to take that child's life. They decide that it is more important to answer their phone or reply to a text while driving over the wellbeing of others.
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