Glorious Blogging Cohort Materials

This is the all encompassing 7 DOCUMENT POWER PACK for those interested in learning from Christina Kwarteng on how to be a GLORIOUS and MONEY MAKING BLOGGER!

This is a 7 day course that will teach you how to run a blog, become an influencer, and generate income!

The course is FREE but the course materials are NOT!

Every day, I will be sending you a video via email with a new lesson + homework.

For more information, kindly email me at [email protected]

With your purchase:
-Instagram Unlocked 3rd Edition E-book
- Editorial Calendar templates
- Instructions on how to gain 100 followers in 7 days
- Example pitch letters to fashion, beauty, lifestyle brands
- LIST of all of the sites to apply for blog campaigns
- Sample blog contracts with detailed explanation on how to read them.

The course starts in February. This is the early bird special. You will get all course materials when course starts.