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C++ using a data structure and array Solved

Create a program that uses a data structure and uses a student name and ID to correspond to a set of courses. Assume that one student can take at most 99 courses. (You may add array or/and struct to meet the needs.) Design an interactive system which allows the user to query the system in the following way.

User Input
"L" or "l"
System asks for student name or ID. With either one of these two, the system responds with a listing of courses which have been completed by the student. At the end the GPA of the student is displayed. For example, if the user queries the information for Amy, the output should be like:

*** 12546 Amy *************

CS1 4 81 3.0

CS2 4 90 4.0

CS3 3 90 4.0


GPA: 3.46
"A" or "a"
System lists information for all students.
"Q" or "q"
System quits.
Anything else
System responds with error message.
There is no set student info so the student info may be created beforehand but must be stored in an "input.txt" file from which the program reads from.

If any clarifcation is needed, feel free to ask. Thank you ahead of time for your help.
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