311 B Law Final Notes (11)


The typical law (connotation 1) is more flexible than lawful law. First, typical law lawful courts are not definitely limited by precedent, but can (when extremely valid reason is shown) reinterpret and modify the law, without lawful involvement, to evolve to new styles in governmental, lawful and public viewpoint. Second, the typical law (connotation 1) advances through a sequence of constant actions, that progressively works out all the facts, so that over a several years or more, the law can modify considerably but without a distinct crack, thereby decreasing troublesome results.[24] Contrary to typical law incrementalism, the lawful process is very difficult to get began, as legislatures usually wait activity until a scenario is completely unbearable.[citation needed] For these reasons, lawful changes are generally large, jarring and troublesome (sometimes favorably, sometimes adversely, and sometimes with random consequences
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