Genesis [Produced by NeilGrandeur] - Mp3 Standard Lease

Here are the terms of the Genesis MP3 Standard Lease.

  • 1 Profitable Use - You may make money off this beat via 1 outlet only (CD, iTunes, etc.)
    by adding your own original musical composition to it. (example:
    vocals) You may not resell, distribute, give away or barter this file
    "as-is" or with slight alterations as deemed by our party. Revenue using beat must not exceed $10,000.00 or equalivant. Want to sell more than $10,000.00? Contact NeilGrandeur at

  • Distribution - You may distribute no more than 10,000 copies (CDs/MP3 Downloads, etc). Unlimited views and plays are allowed on social media sites like YouTube/Soundcloud etc.

  • No voice tag - By purchasing this lease, your MP3 beat will have no voice tag.

  • NeilGrandeur still maintains 100% ownership of this beat "Genesis".

  • *You Must Give "NeilGrandeur" Credit in Song Title.*Example: Name of Song [Prod. NeilGrandeur]

  • This package also includes the MP3 File version of this beat.

  • You will be able to download this beat instantly.

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