Wolf Turnaround Animation Template

Presenting an experimental turnaround-animation! I love rotating animations, and I think something like this would be good for presenting character designs or reference sheets. I don't know about you, but whenever I make a ref sheet there's always the issue of showing all parts, like all pawpads, inside the mouth, and both sides at once. This is especially troublesome with asymmetrical designs.. Well that's not an issue with this! I made it so that all pawpads are visible, the inside of the mouth and ears are there, and he/she is a bit tilted so you can see potential patterns on the back or belly.
I made a 3D model to make sure I got the perspective and volumes constant and realistic, so this thing actually took a lot longer to make than anticipated.

I recently finished university, and the sales from the templates is helping me have a little bit of income to fall back to. I am super thankful for the support!

This cheap template can be used for pretty much anything!

Reference sheets
Animation exercise
Individual frames can be used in comics, series and such
Anything you can imagine! If you're in doubt, ask me!

Do feel free to edit the template in any way you'd like, you could just colour it, or you could redraw the entire line-art to make it more your style, add hair, or change it's look however you'd like. It's yours to keep and do whatever you'd like to do with it!


This download comes as a Zipped folder, and contains the following:

1 PSD file containing all frames as layers (arranged and ready for animating)
1 PNG-sequence (so you can use in other programs)
1 JPG-sequence (in case you can't use PNG's or PSD's!)

If you're not sure how to use this, you can commission me to colour it for you! (20-40£, depending on the complexity of your character)


The template can be used for any personal and non-commercial use.

You can NOT use this template for the following:
Redistribution (don't sell it or give it to anyone for free, or make it available to people to download for free or for your own earnings)

You don't HAVE to credit me, but it would be super appreciated!

Thank you for purchasing, I appreciate it lots!
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