ECO 365 Week 2 Learning Team Charter

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 ECO 365 Week 2 Learning Team Charter


Learning Team Overview

Your team will work together to complete the charter in week 2 as well as team projects in weeks 3 and 4. One person needs to take on the leadership role in week 2. Others should volunteer to be the team leader in week 3 and week 4. If no one volunteers to lead, contact me and I will randomly assign people. To receive credit, the team charter MUST include names for team leaders.


Your individual grade will reflect your own effort and contributions. If any section of the final paper is plagiarized, the person who contributed that material will receive a zero for the assignment. Everyone needs to help ensure that the final paper is well-written, well-organized, accurate, complete, and consistent with APA formatting guidelines. Team leaders are responsible for putting everything together and posting a draft for everyone to review. Determine when each step should be completed within your Learning Team Charter.

To earn points for the Learning Charter assignment, each individual should add their contact information and give approval for the final version of the charter before it is submitted by the week 2 Team Leader.

(Team Leader): Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the charter once everyone has approved of the final version.
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