PRG 420 Week 5 Learning Team: Reusability


 PRG 420 Week 5 Learning Team: Reusability

In the real world, an entire program is rarely written from scratch. It is very likely that there are classes or functions that already exist. The key to using these existing modules successfully depends on how modular the classes or functions are written.

Key Terms: Software Reuse, Software Reusability, Software Integration, Software development Integration, Software Resuse Challenges, Software Integration Challenges, Software Resuse and Integration.

In this Learning Team assignment, your mission is to take a section of one team member’s Week Four program and replace a similar section of another team member’s Week 3 Individual Programming Assignment.

Submit the following TWO major deliverables for this Learning Team assignment:




Deliverable #1: Following APA Guidelines, submit an 800 to 1050-word (not including title page) paper with following sections and describing the following activities: 






How the two programs were selected (process, approach, etc.)


The process of identifying the classes or functions for replacement


The changes needed to make the final Java™ application program work correctly


Challenges and difficulties encountered during the integration process (if any)




References (At least two cited scholarly peer-review accredited sources)




Deliverable #1 Grading/Earned Points: I will be using the LT Week5 Grading Rubric provided to grade this Learning Team Assignment, please review it and submit questions as early as possible.

Deliverable #2. Submit a Compress/ZIP file that contains your Learning Team Integrated Java NetBeans Assignment Project.

Note: No points will be awarded for submitting just a java file program alone. It is required to submit a Compress/ZIP file that contains your Java NetBeans Assignment Project.  Submit the Assignment NetBeans Project in a Zip file.

Important: All individual and Learning Team programming assignments are Java programming assignments. In this class you are required to use NetBeans as your Java Integrated Development Environment ( You can only submit for grading NetBeans Projects in a Zip files.

The easiest way to do that is by doing the following: Once you are ready to submit your assignment, on the NetBeans, main menu, go to File – Export Project – Zip option. Pay close attention to where are you saving the Zip file. It is important to identify the location of the Zip file. You are required to submit the Compressed/Zipped NetBeans Java Project file. I will decompress/Unzip your project in a sandbox folder, open NetBeans, and then your project. After I open your project I will start the grading process.

Deliverable #2 Grading/Earned Points: In order to earn the programming points on your LT Week 5 Grading Rubric assignments, it is critical that I can build and execute your project. Post any questions you may have under this assignment (Discussion on This Assignment — New Message Button).


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