137 : Introducing Miss Maddy cranking and revving

Pedal Vamp group just found out a new model, her name is Miss Maddy and she is ready to make some engines scream for you!

In this first video she has a brown leather jacket, a black skirt and high black heels, basically sexy as hell!

Her first car will be an historical car of the Pedal Vamp group: the Fiat Panda!

She gets in the car, ready and excited to make some noise, but the Panda as
usual has other plans for her... She turns the key but the Panda doesn't want to start at all!

She tries to understand what is  going on, but with no clues. She pleads the car to start, she tries so  hard to start the car but it doesn't want to! She is late, and she has
to make that appointment, but she has to be there on time!

After some attempts she finally made it and she starts revving this little engine so hard! She doesn't want the car to stall again while driving there, so she revs it so hard to warm the engine and let it knows who is the boss here !
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