VIDEO - Helena´s hair is growing FAST!


Note: This video would be priced $8, but is priced at only $5 because it is slightly blurry.

Suzana and Helena are finally back, and many of our customers as well as we, have been missing them for a long time, so it´s very good to have them back, and they are very happy for it themselves!
Suzana´s hair has gotten even healthier and it is now super thick, super heavy and classic length. It weighs over 2 pounds (1 kg. to be exact), which is a LOT for classic length! If you see a woman with knee length hair, and her hair is thick, the weight of her hair might be around 500-700 grams (0.5 - 0.7 kg.).

Well, enough of the numbers, last time you saw Helena, she had hip length hair, and now her hair is classic length as well, so in this video, you will see two angles with classic length hair showing it to you in the best ways possible.
It´s always hard to describe a video with Suzana with words as she is one of the best hair models in the world.

Seeing a long hair video where both the model and the other person that is playing with the hair, has long hair, is really special, rare and super beautiful to watch.

They also talk a lot about long hair in this video since they are very interested in long hair, and they´ve got "hair on their minds" all the time!

In this video, Helena is the model which gets to sit down, being pampered with by Suzana. Suzana brushes her hair in so many ways as well as playing with it in so many ways, with so much passion!
She really enjoys what she´s doing and she is in heaven in this video!
Both models really enjoy the whole happening, and they are always smiling, and they have to be some of the cutest long hair models in the world.

In this video, you will see long hair play and display while sitting in chair, bun and bundrop, brushing, Suzana stroking her fingers through Helena´s hair, long hair parting, long hair in front of face, the models talking about long hair, showing the hair length (at the end of the video) and more!

This video is over 7 minutes in length.

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