BUS 380 WEEK 2 Discussions

         Discussion 1: “Problem Statement.” Students will respond to the following: 

o   Consider a problem you are currently facing — large or small, personal or professional.

o   Prepare a clear, crisp problem statement that incorporates the four (4) elements described in the chapter: identity, location, timing, and magnitude.

o   List and briefly evaluate at least three (3) options for solving the problem.


·         Lecture on the project goal, options for achieving the goal, evaluating options, business case conclusion, and project portfolios.


·         Discussion 2: “Project Failures Due to Poor Project Selection.” Students will respond to the following: 

Review the stories about project failures from the Case Studies in Project Failures Website.

o   Identify one (1) example of a failed project that might have been the victim of a poor project selection process.

o   Use evidence from the article to support your position that the project was a victim of poor project selection, and highlight recommendations for project selection from Chapter 3 of the textbook that might have been overlooked in that process.

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