Saturday AM #68

Saturday AM #68


Saturday AM #68 continues our #summerofmanga!

One of the keys to our long-running DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA ANTHOLOGY is to create FUN and accessible new comics.

MUTTON CHOP is a first for us in that it's our very first anthropomorphic series! Starring the world's strongest sheep -- this comedy action series is going to be a blast for our fans!

Our #summerofmanga would be enough with just that but in this, our first issue to feature a submitted short story, we also bring ENTER: HERO. Likewise, mainstays like BULLY EATER by Raymond Brown (one of our original EXCLUSIVE series) and SHONEN CHAMPION TORA from Spain's Samuel G rounds out of our packed issue.

WHAT? Of course, it doesn't! Saturday AM started this whole know we bring more than that! And in this issue, TITAN KING is bigger than anything else. Our slam dunk launch from last issue has its' second installment with Eli's efforts for freedom beginning to take shape! 

Check out the latest INSTAGRAM DISCOVERY with a true WONDER WOMAN from Germany.

And learn about our newest contest for up and coming artists!

So, get your BEAST on and check out MUTTON CHOP and the other amazing webcomics in this fantastic new issue!
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