Azenix Premier Rig + Legacy, R15 rigs & Exporter.


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Azenix Premier Rig Features

  • Stop spending 5 minutes rerigging everytime you need to render something. Aren't you tired of Drawing bones, subdividing, binding, etc everytime you want to add a character? With the Azenix Premier Rig you never have to do that again, and you can import a character in under 30 seconds, just swap the textures, and import hats. Once you use it you don't go back.

  • Stop spending 10 seconds everytime you want to select a bone. With visual selectors for the bones the Azenix Premier rig is the first of its kind to offer a easier solution.

  • Enjoy the many advanced features such as size and fatness control, smart ankle bending, smartpose (inverse kinematics), smart attachments, smooth edges, bend rigidness controls, arm stretch, a facerig, and many more! Not to mention doesn't make bent limbs look sharp on the edge.

  • This rig was designed to be a swiss army of rigs, It can be used for just about anything from, Animation and GFX to 3D Printing.

  • All of these features aren't available in any other rig, which are harder to use. It also costs you less ₜᵢₘₑ than other rigs. Get it now for the low cost of only 30 quarters, with the added bonus of the Azenix Exporter and Legacy rigs.

Bonus Items

Additional notes:

  • Current Azenix Premier Rig Version on Sellfy is v1.0.1

  • Legacy rigs are and Exporter are included.

  • Azenix Exporter works with any 3D software supporting .obj files.

  • The Azenix Premier Rig, Legacy Rig, R15 Rig and Azenix Shaders are only compatiable with Cinema 4d.

  • A basic exporter will be made free at 100 subscribers, and the Legacy rig at 500 subscribers on my main youtube channel:

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