King Basil: a hand-lettered script font!

Introducing King Basil (formerly known as Spiffy McGee, before he ascended to the throne): 421 glyphs, including A-Z, a-z, 0-9, tons of punctuation, 24 ligature sets, 163 accented characters, entry swash alternates for all uppercase and lowercase letters, exit swash alternates for all lowercase characters ... this sucker has a ton of features!

All characters were hand-drawn on paper (with a Tombow brush pen), then scanned and imported, then the vectors were cleaned up and smoothed.

King Basil Full Version includes:

  • OTF and TTF file formats

  • Uppercase characters A-Z

  • Lowercase characters a-z

  • Numbers 0-9; Full punctuation

  • Entry swash alternates for uppercase A-Z and lowercase a-z (mapped to Swash option, and also included in a separate "King-Basil-Left" file)

  • Exit swash alternates for lowercase a-z (mapped to Stylistic Alternates option, and also included in a separate "King-Basil-Right" file)

  • 15 double-letter ligatures (mapped as ligatures, and also included in a separate "King-Basil-Doubles" file)

  • 163 accented characters

  • All characters accessible through character map / PUA encoded

The main file, King-Basil.otf, contains OpenType features (alternate characters, extras, and/or ligatures). In order to use these alternates with just the one file, you need to install the OTF version of the font, and your software needs to be able to access OpenType features.

Some programs have OpenType feature access built in (Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, CorelDraw, QuarkXpress 7+, and more). Many other programs that support Unicode will allow you to import OpenType alternates by copying them from Character Map (PC) or Font Book (Mac) and pasting them into your program.

If your software isn't friendly to OpenType features, or you need to use the TTF versions, fear not! The alternate alphabets have been separated out into additional font files. By using these Left, Right, and Doubles files, you can access all of the swash characters and double-letter ligatures with any software. See the included PDF helpful hints guide for details!
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