Jerry Five

Jerry Five

90 bpm

Synths, Percussion

Sort of a cooler, driving piece. Lots of space in this piece to make it your own. I don't mean "make it your own" in that sort of way you do where you mark all the pancakes on your plate with your signature so you can tell if someone switched out your pancakes while you weren't looking. Honestly that's pretty weird.Who could possibly want to switch out your pancakes? I mean - who thinks like that? Sure, everyone NOW wants to screw with your pancakes, but before you started all of this - it wouldn't have crossed one person's mind! NOT ONE!

This download includes the following files:

Jerry Five - Bass.wav

Jerry Five - Drums 2.wav

Jerry Five - Drums.wav

Jerry Five - Melody.wav

Jerry Five.wav

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.pdf

ISRC: USUAN1700066
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