Acc561 Introduction to Management Accounting: 13-47 Blackstone Tools produced 12,000 electric drills

Acc561 Introduction to Management Accounting
13-47 Reconciliation of Variable-Costing and Absorption-Costing Operating Income Blackstone Tools produced 12,000 electric drills during 20X4. Expected production was only 10,500 drills. The company’s fixed-overhead rate is $7 per drill. Absorption-costing operating income for the year is $18,000, based on sales of 11,000 drills. 
1. Compute a. Budgeted fixed overhead b. Production-volume variance c. Variable-costing operating income 2. Reconcile absorption-costing operating income and variable-costing operating income. Include the amount of the difference between the two and an explanation for the difference. 
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