BASIC ELECTRONICS Vol. 1-5 - Rider Publication - 1955

“BASIC ELECTRONICS – Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5” by Van Valkenburgh, Nooger & Neville, Inc. (1955). This is a 5-volume set on, as the title implies, basic electronics. The best introduction to basic electronics principles I've seen. Originally developed for the Navy, the courses present one fundamental topic at a time, taken up in the order of need, rendered absolutely understandable, and hammered home by the use of clear, cartoon-type illustrations. The illustrations are the most effective ever presented. Every page has at least one such illustration – every page covers one complete idea! An imaginary instructor stands figuratively at the reader’s elbow, doing demonstrations that make it easier to understand each subject presented in the course.

If you're a beginner, READ THESE BOOKS!


Volume 1 - (130 pages)
· Introduction to Electronics
· What A Power Supply Is
· Half-Wave Rectifiers - Dry Metal Type
· Half-Wave Rectifiers - Vacuum Tube Type
· Half-Wave Rectifiers - Transformer Type
· The Full-Wave Rectifier Circuit
· Filter Circuits
· Voltage Regulator Circuits
· Other Types of Power Supply Circuits
· Characteristics of Diode Vacuum Tubes

Volume 2 - (114 pages)
· Introduction To Amplifiers
· The Triode
· The Triode Amplifier
· The Tetrode and the Pentode
· The Single-Stage Amplifier
· The Two-Stage RC Coupled Amplifier
· The Transformer-Coupled Amplifier
· The Audio Power Amplifier
· The Output Transformer
· The Push-Pull Amplifier
· Microphones, Earphones and Loudspeakers

Volume 3 - (98 pages)
· Video Amplifiers
· Introduction to the RF Amplifier
· Tuned Circuits
· A Single-Stage RF Amplifier
· The Two-Stage RF Amplifier
· Introduction to Oscillators
· The Armstrong and Hartley Oscillators (includes Colpitts)
· The Tuned-Plate Tuned-Grid and Crystal Oscillators
· The Electron-Coupled Oscillator
· Miscellaneous Oscillators

Volume 4 - (114 pages)
· What a Transmitter Is
· Class C Amplifiers
· A Three Stage Transmitter
· Frequency Multipliers
· Transmission Lines
· Antennas
· CW Transmission
· Amplitude Modulation

Volume 5 - (114 pages)
· Introduction to Receivers
· Receiver Antennas
· TRF Receivers - RF Amplifier Stage
· TRF Receivers - Audio Amplifier Stage
· TRF Receivers - Regenerative Detector
· TRF Receivers - Plate Detector
· The Superheterodyne Receiver
· Troubleshooting the Superheterodyne Receiver

The original books were scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi and converted into these digital books in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

In order to view these files you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

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