Saturday AM #62


Not only is Saturday AM embarking on our next twenty issues of original SHONEN MANGA but this 4th year of publishing this amazing anthology is our STRONGEST YEAR YET!

And this issue not only celebrates that but also respects the American holiday BLACK HISTORY MONTH by shining a light on our DIVERSE line-up of amazing creators. In this issue:

CLOCK STRIKER - shonen manga's 1st black female shonen hero!

BULLY EATER - one of our first series by co-founder, Raymond Brown

BETTER OFF IGNORANT by a team discovered within our PILOT Manga community, Luqman and Healey. 

and of course, the MONSTER HIT - APPLE BLACK by Nigerian creator, WHYT MANGA!

Add to that an INTERVIEW with Juliana Jewels Smith and a sneak peek at SATURDAY PM entries from our latest TEST FLIGHT.

That alone is HUGE but don't forget to find additional nuggets within regarding our new advertiser, FULL SATURDAY PM LINK and more!

So, it's a great month for recognition and innovation -- it's SATURDAY AM #62!!
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