CS 3110

CS 3110

CS 3110 Project 4


Your task is to create a "click and kill" game. The game features items moving around the

window. The goal of the game is to eliminate the items by clicking them. Keep track of and display the player's score (how many items have been eliminated). Devise and implement some rules for winning and losing the game. Also devise and implement some form of gradual progression in the game so that the longer the user plays, the more difficult the game becomes or otherwise changes. The creative and thematic aspects are at your discretion.


Create a "click and kill" game.

The game shall have items moving around the window.

The items shall be removed when clicked.

The game shall maintain a score representative of the items removed.

The game shall have some rules or mechanics for losing and winning.

As the player continues playing, the game shall progressively become more difficult.


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