How To: Hire Staff With No Budget

One of the greatest challenges small town and rural church pastors often face is the expectation from their congregations that they (the pastor) are supposed to DO the majority of the work of ministry. This mindset is neither healthy nor biblical and will ultimately stifle the growth of the church. But what if it was possible for a pastor to hire a staff of qualified, trained, and passionate leaders to help carry the load of ministry? You may think your small church lacks the financial resources to hire such a staff. In this course Pastor Jon Sanders shares the story and strategies of a proven way to build an incredible staff with no budget. This teaching has the potential to completely transform the culture of your church and take you to the next level. This course includes video teaching and worksheet, sample job descriptions, sample staff meeting agendas, and more. It is great for personal use or to be presented to a larger group of leaders or staff.
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