MW2 Cronus Max Nac Binds scripts for XBOX 360 & PS3!

Here are the best nacs for MW2! Works for Xbox 360 & PS3!

If you dont trust me just follow @MagsOFW and dm me! imma show you in-game proof and all u want me to

Nac Binds list:


Spas snac/scoped snac
Spas Adelia
Spas mnac
Spas mnac to killstreak
Spas tnac to killstreak
Spas cockback rnac
Model Scoped snac
Model tnac
Model cockback rnac
M10 rnac
M10 Adelia

Inter Adelia
Inter tnac
Inter snac/scoped
Inter Killstreak snac
Inter cockback rnac
Trowing knife zoomload
Trowing knife wildscope
Fakesilent with throwing knife

M9 rnac
Righty Thighty for all akimbo weapons
Wrist Twist
ACR rnac (assult rifle)
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