MYSTXRIVL Soundkit vol.1

It's my first soundkit ever. I included all sounds I used in projects in 2015 and 2016. I tried to provide the highest quality possible and easy to use method. Samples are mixed, tempo set and ready to use. All samples are unique.
Check out Readme.txt for some tips, especially for fresh producers.
I used 99% of those samples to create my music: witch house, trap, bass, grime and other experimental music.

Soundkit include:
-5x 808 Bass
-30x Kick
-19x Snare
-4x Clap
-24x Hi-Hat
-25x Perc
-4x FX
-10x Serum Preset
-16x Sylenth1 Preset
-27x MYSTXRIVL Sounds - Basslines, Plucks, Synths, Atmos, Cuts.

Paying for non-exclusive license you obtain rights to use all files in your commercial and non-commercial projects.
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