The Guitar Mode Codex - Volume 1 - PDF eBook and 47 Guitar Pro Tabs

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♪ The Guitar Mode Codex: Volume 1 eBook in PDF format
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About the Guitar Mode Codex: Volume 1

The Guitar Mode Codex is a comprehensive study of the modes for guitar. It uses Dan Mumm's unique approach of breaking the modes down into easy-to-memorize, bite-sized building blocks, and progressively puts them together to create bigger building blocks and eventually form the full modes up the fretboard. It also delves into the relationship between the modes and arpeggios. The idea behind this approach is to help you see the modes and the fretboard in a way that is easier to manage, visualize and understand.  This will help you to master the modes and the fretboard inside and out.  This process will bring your improvisation and your ability to find and create runs and shred patterns to a whole new level.  Once you've mastered Volume 1, you'll have all the tools necesssary to find any mode, in any octave and in any position.  Since all the patterns are moveable, you can easily transpose the entirety of what you learn by simply shifting the patterns up or down the fretboard.

"I began developing this approach to the modes back when I was a private music teacher.  It was all about solving a problem that I faced with my guitar students - I didn't want them to simply memorize a variety of scale patterns, I wanted them to know how to understand the fretboard well enough to be able to find and build any scale or mode as they needed it.  So the question was, how could I simplify something that traditionally was considered to be rather complex?  To that end, I developed this approach.  It breaks down all the information found in the modes to the simplest possible building blocks.  Once you memorize those building blocks, the full extent of the modes become something like a map on the fretboard.  As I refined the approach, it worked tremendously well.  My guitar students were able to find the modes easily in any key and their abilities to improvise and build runs and shred patterns increased dramatically over a short period of time."  
                                                                                                    - Dan Mumm  

This program is perfect for intermediate to advanced players.  

While the building blocks in Volume 1 will give you a new way to see the modes that can be easily used for building runs and shred patterns, Volume 2 will take it a step further by demonstrating how a huge variety of patterns can be put together by combining the simple building blocks. 

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