Create an ASP.Net empty web site “CharpExam”

Create a web form “default.aspx” file

Add four textboxes, 1 buttom, 1 label

When button is clicked, show interests and message

Create an interface “IMyInterface”

Add a method “public string iMessgae()” 

Create a class name “C1.cs”

Add a namespace “MyNameSpace” to this class

Add 4 private data members:

double loanAmount=0.0;

double years=0.0;

double interest=0.0;

double interesrtRate=0.0;

add a constructor with parameters to assign values to loanAmount, years, interestRate with values that user entered

add one method “PayInterests()” to return the interest, interest=loanAmount * interestRate * years

In herniate “IMyinterface”, implement the meassage “iMessage()”, return “Be Ready!”
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