Business English Training for ESL/EFL: Making and Handling Complaints

Disclaimer: In order to view this PPT lesson properly, download these fonts at!business-english-training/oqrhy 

Have you ever been disappointed to find out that a product you just bought or ordered online is defect and malfunctioning? What do you do? 
Or are you sitting on the other end where customers call you up and complain to you about the problems they have encountered or that they are not satisfied with the service your company offers? Either way, we need to know how to best explain the faults in the products we purchased and how to politely handle a customer's concerns. But how can we do this in English?Find out in this English lesson for ESL/EFL professionals how to best make and handle complaints and learn expressions, phrases and ideas how to go about it.
This lesson contains 24 slides/pages and is good for intermediate Business English learners for around 1.5 hours. It contains vocabulary exercises, discussion questions, reading and writing exercises, a role-play at the end of the lesson and much more. Handouts and homework ideas are included as well as notes for the trainer.The zip-file includes 1 PPT, 1 PDF with (partial) answer key and 1 PDF without answer key.

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