AERIAL PROJECTS by R.A. Penfold - Ham Radio Vintage Antenna Book

"Aerial Projects" by R.A. Penfold (92 pages).

This is a fantastic book that covers all aspects of experimenting and building your own
antenna setup.

The subject of aerials is a vast one, and in this book we will mainly consider practical aerial designs that give good performance, including active aerials, loop aerials,
etc., rather than going deeply into the theory of aerials.  A number of aerial projects including an aerial tuning unit, a preselector, and filters are also described, and this book is primarily intended for those who like to experiment with aerials and aerial
equipment, or for beginners who need guidance in the choice, construction, and
installation of a suitable aerial for use on the short wave bands.


Chapter 1 – Aerials

  • Long-wire Aerial

  • Directivity

  • Half Wave Dipole

  • Inverted V Aerial

  • Multiband Dipole

  • Folded Dipole

  • Windom Aerial

  • Increased Gain

  • Ground Plane Aerial

  • Earth Connection

Chapter 2 – Active, Loop and Ferrite Aerials

  • Active Aerials

  • The Circuit

  • Construction

  • In Use

  • Simple Active Aerial

  • Active Ferrite Aerial

  • The Circuit

  • Construction

  • 1.6 to 4.5 MHz Operation

  • Loop Aerial

  • Conventional Loop

  • Active Loop Aerial

  • Construction

  • Differential Loop Aerial

  • Construction

  • Tilting

  • Spiral Loop

  • SW Operation

  • Long Wave Operation

Chapter 3 – Aerial Accessories
HF Bands Preselector
The Circuit
In Use
Variable Aerial Attenuator
Additional Selectivity
Tunable Notch Filter
Practical Circuit
Low Pass Aerial Filter
Aerial Tuning Unit
Practical Circuit

Transistor Leadout Diagrams

The original book was scanned and converted into this digital book in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.  In order to view this file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
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