' Rogue Energy Model + Label '

What is rogue Energy?
Rogue Energy is a healthy, sugar-free energy & focus supplement. Backed by the industry's top chemists and manufactured in an FDA certified facility; Rogue Energy provides premium performance to gamers, athletes, students, and anyone seeking to maximize their performance.

This product have 3 different models which is Tub, Shaker, and Pack. Also we add the texture and labels there too in the folders. The models have userdata like changeable colors, hue label, scale/size models, and rigable.
This is easy for you guys to make ads or animation or anything else for @TheRogueEnergy. And this models just can use only for C4D R14+ and C4D R17+.
For the example what the models looks like you can see on the thumbnail on product.

Thanks to the @ArtistOfExia and my Friends for helping me and support making this rig models.

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