XMGT 230 Week 5: Knowledge Check

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XMGT 230 Week 5: Knowledge Check

Complete the Week Five Knowledge Check


1.Which of the following is created through division of
labor and job specialization?

A. Integration

B. Coordination

C. Differentiation

D. Span of control

2.The reporting structure and division of labor in an
organization is conveyed by which of the following?

A. Span of control

B. Organization chart

C. Organization hierarchy

D. Span of management

3.In the study by Lawrence and Lorsch (as cited in
Bateman & Snell,2011), companies in complex, dynamic environments
developed_____ levels of differentiation; and _____ levels of integration.

A. intermediate; high

B. high; high

C. low; high

D. high; low

4.Effectively leveraging the talents of subordinates, in
addition to the

managerâs own talents, is called

A. coordination

B. correlation

C. orientation

D. delegation

5.How do decentralized organizations approach decision


Top management in the organization make the majority of


Stakeholders of the organization make the majority of


The supervisory level employees make the majority of


Employees most familiar with the issue make the majority
of decisions.

6.The level of the organization that includes the first
line managers and the employees that report to them is commonly called the

A. senior level

B. leadership level

C. middle management

D. operational level

7.Departments that have responsibility for the primary
activities of the firm are called

A. sales departments

B. shipping departments

C. staff departments

D. line departments

8.A functional organizational structure is understood to
be most effective in

A. complex environments

B. high growth environments

C. new start-up companies

D. simple, stable environments

9.A hybrid organizational form where functional and
divisional organizational forms overlap is called a

A. product organization

B. network organization

C. blended organization

D. matrix organization
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