The Law of Attraction and What You Need To Know

The Law of Attraction and What You Need To Know

This audio file has been created to help you better understand the true dynamics that are creating your life and how the energy you emit is creating your reality.

For anyone who is struggling to wrap their mind around the concepts of the law of attraction, it is my hope that this audio will help you understand what is really going on.

All that is is energy and that includes our thoughts. It is important to understand that all that we see, although appears to be what we call 'solid' is, in fact, more energy than matter. 

Once you understand the quantum nature of our reality and you begin to understand that the energy you emit is what is organizing what we refer to as our 'reality' you will undoubtedly want to commit to becoming more conscious in your thinking.

Our subconscious programming creates images and perceptions that impact the chemistry of our brains.  The chemistry of what we are impacts the energy we emit.  We are more energy than we are matter. 

The ego and the brain are linear.  But the truth is, we are all quantum fields of energy more than we are physical. 

The 'Observer Effect' is real.  What we see or perceive in fact, impacts the outcome of any given situation.

This audio lesson is approximately thirty minutes in length.
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