275 : Miss Iris, Miss Ale & Miss Vicky - shooting on sunday morning - no fiction

Miss Iris, Miss Ale and Miss Vicky going on a shooting! 

Miss Iris and miss Vicky are going to pick up miss ale for a video. Miss iris is driving while Miss Vicky is filming everything. Miss iris is wearing a black dress and pink heels, and she and miss Vicky are chatting a bit while reaching Miss Ale in their Renault 5.

The atmosphere is very relaxed in the car and they are both getting ready for along day of filming!

Miss Vicky filming let you feel like you are a passenger in this road trip!

After picking up miss Ale, the three are going around and Miss Ale is driving. They are still talking about various stuffs when Miss Ale gets stopped by a police car.

Her green coat and black boots outfit is not striking the hearts if the two policemen, especially because she forgot her driving license at home and no one in the car was wearing seat belts!

Will the girls manage to record some movies without getting arrested?
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