Shana and Kristi's Bob Haircuts - VOD Digital Video on Demand

We first find Shana already in the barber chair, discussing how she wants her hair cut. Once the hairstyle has been chose, Shana is paging through a hairstyle magazine in the dryer chair. Shana next takes a seat in the barber chair. James William, the stylist, wraps a neck strip around her neck and a blue bubble-patterned cape. Shana's long, light brunette hair is cut with a scissors to just above her shoulders into a bob haircut. Hair slides down off the sleek cape. "Darkest Brown" by Ion brunette hair color is applied to her roots to tips of her hair with a tint brush. After processing for about 15 minutes, the barber chair is reclined backwards for a rinse. After a shampoo, her hair is toweled briefly and a scissors and razor are used to shape the inverted bob. A small electric clippers cleans up Shana's nape. Shana gives lots of eye contact with the camera - you'll feel like she's talking directly to you. The neck strip is removed and her hair blow dried. She then poses for the camera afterwords. Shana is quite satisfied with her bob haircut. One person called it a mod-bob. Duration 74 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv

We first meet Kristi outside in the summer sun, giving us an interview. She is pregnant, and desires an inverted, chin-length bob haircut before the baby arrives. Next we see her in Kat's Shop where her very long brunette hair is first brushed out, french braided, and brushed back out. She is covered with a retro pink vinyl cape and has a neck strip wrapped around her neck. Her hair is separated into two ponytails. The first one is cut off with a scissors. The other is clippered with an Oster 76 electric clippers. Kristi is reclined back in the vintage barber chair to the shampoo bowl. Her hair is shampooed and briefly towel dried. She starts to look nervous when James starts forming the bob with the scissors and comb. Maybe the snipping from the scissors is spooking her? Soon the trimming up and nape clippering are done. Her hair is blow dried, and tells us about how everyone will love her new hair style while the camera gets shots of all the angles of her haircut. Duration 55 minutes, screen size 720x480, format .wmv
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