CLOSED - Full YouTube Channel Revamp

Upon purchase you will recieve a text file containing my discord tag. In order to redeem your full revamp you must provide proof of purchase.

I provide a simple and clean full YouTube channel revamp for personal use. This includes an intro, outro, banner, and profile picture. Please give me 1-5 weeks for completion.

You have the option to choose:
- Text and or logo for intro, outro, banner, and profile picture
- Color(s) of your choice
- Specific song, song genre
- Other aspects for each item

I render all of my outros in 1080p60fps, in the quicktime/.mov format. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR EDITING PROGRAM SUPPORTS .MOV FILES BEFORE ORDERING, I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS.

Terms of service:
- I do not offer refunds under no circumstance unless absolutely necessary
- I have every right to delay the completion of your order
- I require you to give me credit on any video you use one of my products in
- Claiming ownership to any of my products in any way, shape, or form is not to be tolerated, and I will take legal action if necessary
- Any alterations of my products without proper credit will be taken care of legally
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