Korg Microkorg XL 50 custom patches

Here are 50 custom presets for the Korg Microkorg XL. To load these sounds simply download the Microkorg XL free software editor from Korg at this link http://i.korg.com/SupportPage.aspx?productid=545
note: After the Microkorg XL  Korg released the Microkorg XL+ which has it's own editor. If you own the XL+ you can still load these sounds by choosing the menu option "FILE-Import Microkorg XL library data"
Almost all of these patches were converted (manually) from my Korg R3 patches. Not all of the R3 bank could be converted because of minor differences in certain aspects of the sound engine, for example the mkxl doesn't have a comb filter and there are some differences in the types of effects.
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