Faela is a mischievous pixy who tires of her job as ‘flower-sprite’, and envies human life. Constantly berated by her peers, she resorts to magical pranks on the local townsfolk for fun. Then one of her tricks goes too far, incurring the wrath of the High Court, rulers of the Faerie Kingdom, who threaten to banish her. Banished pixies become goblins, and can be forced into matrimony with the Pooka, a fiendish shape-shifting faun. 

                  The king offers Faela a final chance for redemption. She must prove herself  ‘of noble heart’ by becoming a house-fairy, and restoring ‘courage and joy’ to Elsie, a timid little girl who suffers the loss of her mother. Without a clue on how to proceed, Faela draws on her wits and effervescent personality to bond with the child.

                  But temptation looms when she falls for the handsome ex-fiancé of Elsie’s older sister Katie. To experience romance, Faela ‘pixylates’ the young woman, taking control of her body in an effort to reunite the estranged lovers. By merging with the girl, she hopes to escape the toils of fairy life, and fulfill her wish to become human. But Katie is not so easily bridled. Chaos ensues as the personalities of pixy and girl collide!

                  Meanwhile, the Pooka will spare no wickedness to see Faela’s mission fail, for he has his heart set on making the pixy his wife. Can Faela control her impish tendencies, and prove herself  ‘of noble heart’, or is she doomed to ‘goblinhood’?
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