Database Systems  CMPT 308

Database Systems CMPT 308

Lab 1: PostgreSQL - 20 points



Instruc,ons                         1. Download PostgreSQL from and install it on your computer.


2.      Short essay: Data vs. Information - Select a database in use today (real or imagined) and identify the elements of “data” stored therein and describe how the database organizes the “data” into “information”. Give contrasting examples of “data” and “information” that illustrate the meaninglessness of “data” without context and organization. Talk about the value the “information” provides once the component data is given context.


3.      Short Essay: Data Models - BrieWly describe the hierarchical and network pre-relational data models. Explain their shortcomings in relation to the relational model. Considering this, what do you think of XML as a model for data storage?



PostgreSQL -

Installation guides -
Take a screen shot of the pgAdmin tool up and running on your computer. Be creative as
to how you will show that it’s on your computer. Submit the screen shot and your essays
as a PDF document. (Only PDFs will be accepted. Seriously.)

























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