HENONMODULES is a complex system of independent Modules from the HENONSYNTH. It combines Midi Instrument and Modulators based on quadratic mapping. The algorithm generates a quasi-unlimited quantity of strange attractors that allow you to control different modules and to combine them.

It includes :

A Midi Effect that generates midi notes from the attractors.

2x devices
An hybrid Effect you can place on Audio track and that produces Midi Notes to be send. Up to 4 values from the attractor can be send to any Midi Instrument on other tracks via the MIDI RECEIVE Module.

2x devices
An Audio Effect that allow you to take control of Live's parameters and modulate them with the attractors.

A Midi Instrument reproducing the oscillators from the HENONSYNTH :
2x Oscillators with ADSR, Filter Env. ADSR, Frequency Shifter, Crusher, Reverb and Equalizer.

A simple remote that allows you to launch all the devices at the same time.

These Modules include all the functions of the HENONSYNTH, but in a independant way, and features Envelope Modulators options to control Live's parameters with custom automations. For more information about the options you can refer to the HENONSYNTH documentation included.

∿ Files included :
— szk.HENONMIDI.amxd / MIDI Effect
— szk.HENONMIDISEND.amxd / Audio Effect that send Midi Notes
— szk.HENONSYNTH_MIDIRECEIVE.amxd / MIDI Effect used to receive MIDI Notes
— szk.HENONMODULATOR_1x.amxd / Audio Effect
— szk.HENONMODULATOR_4x.amxd / Audio Effect
— szk.HENONOSCILLO.amxd / Midi Instrument
— szk.HENONREMOTE.amxd / Audio Effect
— polyhenon1.maxpat
— polyhenon2.maxpat
Put all the files in the same folder.
— Manual.pdf

Compatibility :
Live 9.0.2 +
Max 6.1.2 +

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