BAND 6 Belonging Essay (HSC English)

if spending long, painful hours analysing poems and novels so that you can write a 1000 word essay about them doesn't sound like your idea of fun, NEVER FEAR!! Getting those top marks is only a matter of $10.

This essay was marked an A+ by my teacher, and I received a mark of 94% for my English HSC exam. My overall ATAR was 99.35.

This essay is based on three poems by Emily Dickinson (I Had Been Hungry All The Years, The Saddest Noise the Sweetest Noise and What Mystery Pervades A Well) as well as a short story called 'Ufo in Kushiro' by Haruki Murakami.


NOTE: I wrote two belonging essays so I could be super prepared for the exam. If you buy both of my belonging essays its only $15! Just contact me and I will send you a special link.
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