Blonde Sara's Long Hair to Pixie Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand Download

Blonde Sara is annoyed with her long hair and wants a change. She has been wanting this pixie haircut for quite some time. Everyone knows about. Still, she is nervous about the upcoming cut. It's a bit change - her blonde hair a few inches shy of waist length. She's never had hair shorter than shouldar length. After a brief pre-haircut interview and playing with the hair for the last time, Sara is ready for her haircut. Two capes cover Sara - a bright green and a hot pink, perfect for the Easter holiday coming up. Her hair is brushed out and sectioned. After the sides and back of the head are buzzed, Sara's hair is let down from the clips, and it looks like nothing was done to her hair. Sara's boyfriend is surprised. But he gladly accepts the pink Oster clippers to cut off a section of her long hair. He gets to do this twice, and admits that it's fun to cut her hair.

After all the long hair has been clippered off, the stylist covers Sara's shouldars with a towel and wets down her hair with a spray bottle. At this point, Sara isn't enjoying the haircut; she says, "Now it's time to make the haircut not look weird?" When Kat asks to take a break in filming to swap out cards, Sara uses this time to feel her freshly cut hair. She changes her mind about her haircut being weird. When the pink cape is taken off, and the green one left on, Sara says that her hair can "only get better from here." With a comb, razor and scissors, the stylist begins shaping Sara's hair into a pixie.

After Kat gets a video shot of the hair piling up on the floor, it's time for the stylist to trim around Sara's ears with a portable clippers, and her nape too.

Video duration: 65 minutes
Format: WMV
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