SZK COLLECTION∿1 | A collection of our recent M4L devices

A collection of our recent Max For Live patches.

Included devices :

A complex Synth Instrument and Modulator based on quadratic mapping of strange attractors. The synth’s algorithm generates a quasi-unlimited quantity of strange attractors that allow you to control different modules and to combine them. Three Modules are available : a 2x Oscillators Synthetizer, a MIDI Sender and an Ableton Live API’s Controler. Calculated values from the quadratic system are used to feed these Modules to create a wide range of auto-generated sounds.

A Midi Effect that generates midi notes from the attractors.

An hybrid Effect you can place on Audio track and that produces Midi Notes to be send. Up to 4 values from the attractor can be send to any Midi Instrument on other tracks via the MIDI RECEIVE Module.

Receive midi notes send by trough your live set via the HENONMIDISEND.

∿ HENONMODULATOR 1x + 4x (2x devices) (part of HENONMODULES)
An Audio Effect that allow you to take control of Live's parameters and modulate them with the attractors.

A Midi Instrument reproducing the oscillators from the HENONSYNTH :
2x Oscillators with ADSR, Filter Env. ADSR, Frequency Shifter, Crusher, Reverb and Equalizer.

A simple remote that allows you to launch all the HENONSUITE devices at the same time.

Centralize and display up to 8x Ableton Loopers into the same window to monitor and control them ! Perfect for live performing and audio manipulation.

∿ TWEEKERSTEPS (2x devices)
Draw envelope automations, grip them to Live's parameters and trigg them together or sequentialy with audio input or via midi mapping. Envelopes can run from 0 ms to 30 minutes, allowing you to create complex sound textures, slow progressive varations or live interactions with your Live Set. Includes 2x devices : szk.TWEEKERSTEPS.amxd, the 8-envelopes on-track version, and szk.TWEEKERSTEPS_STANDALONE.amxd, a 4-envelopes standalone version.

Grip Live’s parameter on a knob, draw his behaviour’s automation and trigg it in function of the audio signal input ! Plug any instrument (guitar, bass, keyboard, voice etc…) and play with effects !

Shaker allows you to grip Live's parameter on knobs and change their values randomly to create automated variations, from fine modulations to total chaotic strange sounds. Shaking ! One Shaker can grip up to 5 parameters. On a same Shaker you can grip any parameters located on different places of your Live set. Use many Shaker for complex configurations !

Dronepulse is an audio effect that allows you to generate oscillations with seven signal types (Sin, Phasor, Tri, Rect, Saw, Pink & White). Two oscillators are available and a third one modulate them to create pulse effects. Randomizers are included and can be applied to signal generators. Dronepulse helps you to easily create simple pulsating sounds (from 10 ms to 30 seconds period), heavy shaking drones, groovy synced basslines (with the quantize mode), or experimental random frequencies.

∿ MIDILOOPDRAWER (2x plugins)
This device is a simple sequencer made to draw and create loops of MIDI notes. Choose the loop’s length (in seconds or bars), choose the number of notes you want into the loop, define ranges for velocities & notes duration, then Draw and play ! Two versions are included : #1 embeded into tracks effects’s area #2 wide screen standalone window.

This device is made to generate random midi notes at various speed. Set the generator’s tempo, define different ranges for the notes you want to be played then hit the button ! You can introduce more chaos with an additional random delay range. Then you can create glich effects by playing with the mouse over the x-y area.

∿ MACROBS MINISUITE (28x devices)
Macrobs Minisuite is a set of 28x custom macro knobs & sliders for Ableton Live. Just unlock then click Live’s parameters to create your custom mapping easily. Colors can be set for each button. The minisuite includes 16x on-track + 12x standalone devices, among which two specials dedicated to Analog and Operator synths.

Documentation is available within the devices.

Compatibility :
Live 9+
Max 6+

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